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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Opening Job, Customer, Lead, Quote, Expense forms

Opening A Record - Job, Customer, Lead, Quote or Expense

A Customer Form

View our Customer Management Form Video on YouTube
View our Job Management Form Video on YouTube

The WorkWell Command Center has many ways to get to your detailed Customer, Job, Lead, Quote, Invoice, Expense, and other information.  This article lists the most common ways.

From a Tabular View

All of the Tabular Views provide a detailed description of the information they contain - each row describes a single record.  For example, each row in the Customer Table describes a customer.  To bring up the detailed edit form, just click on the number in the ID column OR select 'Edit' from the pull-down menu in the 'Options' column.

Options Menu in a Tabular View

View our Add, Modify, Delete Records Via Tabular Views Video on YouTube

From the Scheduler

Open the Scheduler page and go to the week, day or month of interest to you.  If you double click on a job event, that Job's Edit form will pop up.

Open a Job from the Scheduler

View our Scheduler Video on YouTube
View our Scheduler Overview on YouTube

From a Timeline View

Timeline Views are accessible on the Dashboard and the Job, Customer and Lead Tabular Views.  The most powerful version is on the Dashboard.  With this Timeline, you can access your overall agenda, or just jobs, customers, leads, quotes, invoices, or expenses.

Timeline View
View our Timeline View Video on YouTube

To open an information edit form, just click on the link in the first row of an event.  For example in the illustration below, click on "Job#8" text and the edit form for Job #8 will pop up.

A Timeline Event

Global Search

Navigation Bar

To open the Global Search tool, click on the magnifying glass icon in the vertical navigation bar to open the Global Search Tool.

Global Search Tool

The Global Search Tool will appear as a popup.  Enter a search term that you expect will locate the Job, Customer, Lead, or other information that you are interested in.  Then, click on the best match among the search results that are provided. The form for that information will then pop up.

From the TimeTable

The Today (and Tomorrow) TimeTable, available on the Dashboard, provides another way to access your detailed information forms.

Today's TimeTable

To open an edit form from the TimeTable ...
  • Click on the number within the ID column of a row describing a job, and the Job Edit form will pop up.
  • If you click on a customer name, the Customer Edit form will pop up.
  • Click on the number within the ID column of a Customer or Lead Action Item and that customer or lead Edit form will pop up. 
  • Click on the ID of a Followup and the related Job, Customer or Lead Edit form will pop up.

The Today and Tomorrow TimeTables are the easiest way to learn about the Jobs and Tasks that are most immediate and a great way to plan your day.

The TimeTable is presented in the Job Management on the Dashboard Video

From an Urgent Activity, ToDo or Recent Activity List

From any of the lists on the lower right of the Dashboard, you can open the related information form.  For example, in the Unpaid Jobs list, just click on any of the jobs in the list to open that job's edit form.

You can do the same for any of the other lists.  For example, open the 'Pending Quotes' list and click on any of the Quote summaries to open that quote's edit form.