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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Make an Email or Text Template

What is an Email or Text Template?

These are Emails or Texts that you have written for a particular purpose and saved for future use.  Typically you spend a little time on these so they are just as you want them.  For example, you can enter placeholders for the customer name.  You might also have a footer with your company info and logo (for emails, not texts).

View our Video About Email Templates

An example email reminder
An example email list

Making an Email Template

You create your email templates using the WorkWell Command Center email tool.  Templates cannot be created using the Mobile App.

To create your template, open the Email Composer (you can click on an email link - or open a Customer Form or the Customer Table and click on an email link).  This will open the Email Composer.  Then just prepare an email like you normally do.  In the example below, we are writing an email saying simply that we are On Our Way and on time.

Prepare your Template Using the Email Composer

Notice that we have inserted a few Placeholders in the Email (the keywords surrounded by the %% characters, like %%CustomerName%%.  Using these, we make the Email Template very flexible - we don't have to know in advance who the email is intended for, nor do we need to know which worker in your company is sending it or even when it is sent.  This example uses 4 placeholders:

  • CustomerName
  • MyName
  • JobDayTime
  • MyCompany
The correct names and times will replace these placeholders when the email is actually sent.

Use the 'Insert Placeholder' pulldown, as shown below, to insert the placeholders in your email.  If you enter a placeholder by typing it in, don't forget to surround it with the pair of percent characters, like %%MyName%%.

Make sure you give the email a suitable Subject - in this example, we gave it the subject 'On My Way'.  When used in the future as a template, you will use the Subject to identify it.

When the email is just the way you want it, click the 'Add To Templates' button.  Now the email will be reusable for future emails sent for any Customer, Lead or Worker that is sent from the WorkWell Command Center or Mobile App.

To reuse the email, click on 'Choose Template' button.  The Email Template list will pop up, as shown below.  Scroll to find the template you want and click on the check icon to choose it.

If you are using the Mobile App, then you select the template like shown below:

Making a Text Template

Text Templates are created the same way as Email Templates.  When you write a text, the Text Composer allows you to save the Text as a Template.