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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Electronic Signature

Any invoice or quote you create for a customer job is electronically signed, automatically,  with the signature of the worker assigned to that job.  The WorkWell Command Center stores an image of your signature and the signatures of all your workers.

Electronic Signatures on the WorkWell Mobile App

With the WorkWell Mobile App (on your iOS or Android phone or tablet), your employees can sign invoices/quotes electronically.  Your customers can too!

The signature of the worker responsible for the job is automatically applied to the invoice.  It is stored electronically (after having been set up previously within the WorkWell Command Center) and automatically inserted when you create an invoice.
Capture Customer Signature for the Invoice

The WorkWell Mobile app allows your customer to sign the invoice too.  If your customer is available at the job site, you can have them sign the invoice with their finger as shown in the screenshot above.  Your signature and the customer signature will be applied near the bottom of the invoice that you email the customer.  The screenshot below shows the bottom of such an invoice.

Electronic Signatures on the WorkWell Command Center

With the WorkWell Command Center, your employees can sign invoices/quotes electronically, but your customers cannot.  Customer signing of invoices is a feature of the WorkWell Mobile App but is not available with the WorkWell Command Center.  Because you typically use the Command Center at your office, the customer is not likely to be available to sign anyway.

Invoices (and quotes) that you generate using the Command Center will display your company's signature - as shown above.  Specifically, the signature of your employee responsible for the job is displayed.  You can choose a different signature - while the invoice/quote is in edit mode, use the signature selector to choose the correct employee signature to apply.  The signature will appear on the invoice/quote that you save, print or email - like in the screenshot above.

Setup Employee Signatures

To add/change an employee's electronic signature, you must be the WorkWell Command Center administrator.  Open the staff table (available under the 'Admin' pull-down menu at the top).  Then open the 'Employee Edit' form for the employee whose signature you want to add/change.  Then have your employee enter his/her signature.  In the Employee Form, you will see the signature section.

Use the 'Enter your signature' widget on the Employee Edit form.  First, clear any existing signature and then, using the cursor, the employee carefully enters his/her signature. It might require a couple of attempts to get the signature just the way he/she wants it. Just 'Clear Signature' and try again. Press 'Accept Signature' when it is to your liking.