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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Employee Privileges

If you are the administrator, you have privileges for all the Command Center and Mobile App features and you are responsible for setting the privileges for your company's employees.
To assign privileges for an employee, you must be your organization's WorkWell Software administrator.  In the Command Center (you cannot do this in the Mobile App), open 'User Management' under the 'Admin' pull-down menu in the Navigation Bar at top.  Select the employee from the User List.

User Table

The Privileges Table, as shown below, is part of the User Edit form that pops up.

Privileges Setup

Command Center and or Mobile App Access

First, check the 'Command Center' and/or 'Mobile App' buttons to allow your user to access either the Command Center or the Mobile App or both.  For example, you might allow an employee who works only in the field to access the Mobile App and not allow any access to the Command Center.  Conversely, an office employee will need access to the Command Center but might not require Mobile App access.

View, Add, Modify, Delete Privileges

Next, you will need to assign your employee specific privileges to access the several types of information.  You can separately grant access to Customer, Lead, Job, Quote, Expense, Service and Chart information.  Further, for each type of information, you can assign privileges to be able to just View the information, Add new information, Modify existing information and Delete information.  

For example, you might allow View privileges to Customer, Job, Services and Quote information.  Add and Modify privileges to Job and Quote information.  But not allow Delete privileges for any information.  This would accomplish the following:
  1. It allows the employee to create new jobs and view existing jobs.
  2. The employee is able to access Customer information but cannot change any existing Customer information.  The employee could not Add new employees - this could be a problem if the employee needs to create a new Job for a customer that isn't already in the system.
  3. Prevents all access to your Lead and Expense Database.
  4. It allows the employee to use the Services information to create new jobs, but prevents the employee from making any changes to the Services Information.
  5. Prevents the employee from seeing how the company is doing via the Charts.
The 'All' column enables you to further restrict access - currently only for Job information.  If 'All' is checked in the Job row, then the selected View/Add/Modify/Delete privileges apply to all jobs.  If not checked, then they apply only to jobs that the employee is responsible for (the employee is assigned within the job as an assigned worker).  This enables you to restrict an employee from seeing the jobs that other employees have been assigned.

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