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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

GPS Tracking

WorkWell gives you GPS tracking too!  With this great feature you can track where your work crews are located realtime and accumulate a history of their travel throughout the day.

View our Video Tutorial about GPS Tracking on YouTube.

How does it work?

GPS tracking relies on your workers using the Mobile WorkWell App on their smartphones while doing their daily work routine. Whenever a worker uses the WorkWell App on his/her smartphone, their GPS coordinates are gathered at regular intervals (typically every 5 minutes) and sent to the WorkWell Software server. You are able to observe these GPS locations on the WorkWell Command Center using its integrated Map application.

The lifetime of the GPS coordinates is typically about a week - older coordinates are automatically purged.

Show GPS Tracking

Click on the   icon (above the map) to view recent locations of a worker in the field. Worker locations are identified on the map via two types of markers. The single filled Star marker with the 'W' identifies the last known location of the worker. The small filled circle(s), also with the 'W', identify earlier locations. If there are enough GPS samples, you will be able to trace the travel route taken between jobs and see when workers arrive at and leave their job assignments.

Configure GPS Tracking

Click on the     icon (above the map) to change the setup for GPS tracking. You can choose which worker to track, specify a time interval, or limit the number of points and the minimum distance between points.

There are several setup parameters for GPS tracking. Here is a list.

  • Choose a Worker: Use the pulldown to select the worker you wish to track.
  • Show Only Last GPS Location: If you check this box, then only the last known location of the worker is displayed. If not checked, then the last know location is show along with any previous locations that are within the start/end time period you've selected.
  • Select the Start and End times. Only those GPS locations that occurred in the time interval will be displayed.
  • Choose the maximum number of GPS locations to display.
  • Choose a minimum distance between successive GPS samples - only samples located more that this distance apart will be displayed. Use a longer minimum distance to avoid showing GPS locations that are near one another.

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