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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Agenda Timeline

Within the Command Center Dashboard, an Agenda Timeline gives you a great overview of everything going on in your business - it provides a chronological list of everything that needs to get done this week.  An example of the Agenda Timeline is shown below.  Notice that it is organized vertically with event cards displayed chronologically to the left or right of circles containing icons.  

There are event cards for
  •   Jobs
  •   Action Items
  •   Quotes
  •   Invoices
  •   Followups
  •   Notes
  •   Call Logs

The easiest way to distinguish between the types is via the colored circle along the center that they attach to.  The Event type is identified by color and by the distinct icons listed above.

Agenda Timeline

You can reverse the chronological order (Monday to Sunday OR Sunday to Monday) by clicking the   icon in the header.  If you reverse the order, the first event of the week will be at the bottom.

Select the type of events you want to see on the Timeline.  By default, the agenda is displayed - all the event types are included on the timeline.  From the pull-down menu, choose the view you are interested in. Click the check-mark to accept your choice and the timeline will refresh itself accordingly - only tasks of the chosen type will be displayed.  Click the 'x' to reject the choice and cancel.

Use the Time Period Selector within the timeline header to choose the time interval you are interested in.  Use the arrow widgets to go forward or backward a week at a time.
  •   Go to the current week
  •   Go to next week
  •   Go to last week
  •   Go another week forward
  •   Go another week backward

The event cards give a summary for the job, action item, invoice, ... that they represent.  For example, a Job card gives the job number, customer name, address, the name of the worker you assigned to the job, the price and the time the job is scheduled to begin.  Click on the blue-colored link to open a job form with greater detail and optionally modify the job.  Double-clicking on the circle will also open the job form.

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