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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Route Planning

The WorkWell Command Center has great Route Planning capability built into its Mapping application.  The 'Job Locations' snapshot below is an example of what you can expect.  The embedded Google Map shows all the job locations planned for a given worker or crew in the field for the day.  The best travel route between them is displayed.  If you click on a job location marker, you'll see details about the job.  Below the map is a list of all the jobs in order of travel.  You'll notice that the job details - customer name, job start time and address are given.  The travel distance and estimated drive time are given as well.  The travel route is also presented in a Route Timeline format (lower left - bottom of the timeline is cut off and not displayed).

View our Video Tutorial about Route Planning on YouTube.

Map Control Panel

To compute and display routes, first use the Control Panel to specify which job locations to add to the map. It contains a set of widgets for choosing when the jobs occurred, whether your day's Start and End locations should be mapped and allows you to show only jobs assigned to particular workers.
  • Start by choosing a time period via the Selection Criteria.  For Route Planning, you want to choose 'Today'
  • Optionally enter a Start/End location
  • Choose a worker - we want to plan the route for just one person or crew

Click 'Update Map'. Then click on either the  or   icon above the Map.

  •    will generate a route map for the selected jobs and optimize the paths between them to minimize travel time.
  •    will also generate a route map for the selected jobs and optimize the paths between them to minimize travel time. But it will go a step further and actually resequence the jobs if the result is better. For example, it may find that swapping a job scheduled at 3pm with a job scheduled for 11am will result in a shorter route. Of course, you can only take advantage of this level of optimization if it doesn't matter when during the day you actually do the jobs (or that you can call the customer and reschedule the time).

The Route Plan is presented in two ways
  • Route Plan Timeline
  • Route Plan Table
Both Route Plan formats show accurate durations for traveling between jobs. Compare these to the job schedules to be sure the scheduled duration for jobs adequately accommodates travel time.

Each item of the timeline or row of the table represents legs of the day's travel route.  Each leg gives you job details as well as drive distance between jobs and estimated travel time.  WorkWell determines travel distance/time by querying a Google server with the successive addresses in the day's route.

The Route Plan Table can be printed.

If you launch the 'Today Timetable' on the Command Center Dashboard, you can email

Route Plan Timeline

Route Plan Table


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