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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Employee Privileges

If you are the administrator, you have privileges for all the Command Center and Mobile App features and you are responsible for setting the privileges for your company's employees.
To assign privileges for an employee, you must be your organization's WorkWell Software administrator.  In the Command Center (you cannot do this in the Mobile App), open 'User Management' under the 'Admin' pull-down menu in the Navigation Bar at top.  Select the employee from the User List.

User Table

The Privileges Table, as shown below, is part of the User Edit form that pops up.

Privileges Setup

Command Center and or Mobile App Access

First, check the 'Command Center' and/or 'Mobile App' buttons to allow your user to access either the Command Center or the Mobile App or both.  For example, you might allow an employee who works only in the field to access the Mobile App and not allow any access to the Command Center.  Conversely, an office employee will need access to the Command Center but might not require Mobile App access.

View, Add, Modify, Delete Privileges

Next, you will need to assign your employee specific privileges to access the several types of information.  You can separately grant access to Customer, Lead, Job, Quote, Expense, Service and Chart information.  Further, for each type of information, you can assign privileges to be able to just View the information, Add new information, Modify existing information and Delete information.  

For example, you might allow View privileges to Customer, Job, Services and Quote information.  Add and Modify privileges to Job and Quote information.  But not allow Delete privileges for any information.  This would accomplish the following:
  1. It allows the employee to create new jobs and view existing jobs.
  2. The employee is able to access Customer information but cannot change any existing Customer information.  The employee could not Add new employees - this could be a problem if the employee needs to create a new Job for a customer that isn't already in the system.
  3. Prevents all access to your Lead and Expense Database.
  4. It allows the employee to use the Services information to create new jobs, but prevents the employee from making any changes to the Services Information.
  5. Prevents the employee from seeing how the company is doing via the Charts.
The 'All' column enables you to further restrict access - currently only for Job information.  If 'All' is checked in the Job row, then the selected View/Add/Modify/Delete privileges apply to all jobs.  If not checked, then they apply only to jobs that the employee is responsible for (the employee is assigned within the job as an assigned worker).  This enables you to restrict an employee from seeing the jobs that other employees have been assigned.

Opening Job, Customer, Lead, Quote, Expense forms

Opening A Record - Job, Customer, Lead, Quote or Expense

A Customer Form

View our Customer Management Form Video on YouTube
View our Job Management Form Video on YouTube

The WorkWell Command Center has many ways to get to your detailed Customer, Job, Lead, Quote, Invoice, Expense, and other information.  This article lists the most common ways.

From a Tabular View

All of the Tabular Views provide a detailed description of the information they contain - each row describes a single record.  For example, each row in the Customer Table describes a customer.  To bring up the detailed edit form, just click on the number in the ID column OR select 'Edit' from the pull-down menu in the 'Options' column.

Options Menu in a Tabular View

View our Add, Modify, Delete Records Via Tabular Views Video on YouTube

From the Scheduler

Open the Scheduler page and go to the week, day or month of interest to you.  If you double click on a job event, that Job's Edit form will pop up.

Open a Job from the Scheduler

View our Scheduler Video on YouTube
View our Scheduler Overview on YouTube

From a Timeline View

Timeline Views are accessible on the Dashboard and the Job, Customer and Lead Tabular Views.  The most powerful version is on the Dashboard.  With this Timeline, you can access your overall agenda, or just jobs, customers, leads, quotes, invoices, or expenses.

Timeline View
View our Timeline View Video on YouTube

To open an information edit form, just click on the link in the first row of an event.  For example in the illustration below, click on "Job#8" text and the edit form for Job #8 will pop up.

A Timeline Event

Global Search

Navigation Bar

To open the Global Search tool, click on the magnifying glass icon in the vertical navigation bar to open the Global Search Tool.

Global Search Tool

The Global Search Tool will appear as a popup.  Enter a search term that you expect will locate the Job, Customer, Lead, or other information that you are interested in.  Then, click on the best match among the search results that are provided. The form for that information will then pop up.

From the TimeTable

The Today (and Tomorrow) TimeTable, available on the Dashboard, provides another way to access your detailed information forms.

Today's TimeTable

To open an edit form from the TimeTable ...
  • Click on the number within the ID column of a row describing a job, and the Job Edit form will pop up.
  • If you click on a customer name, the Customer Edit form will pop up.
  • Click on the number within the ID column of a Customer or Lead Action Item and that customer or lead Edit form will pop up. 
  • Click on the ID of a Followup and the related Job, Customer or Lead Edit form will pop up.

The Today and Tomorrow TimeTables are the easiest way to learn about the Jobs and Tasks that are most immediate and a great way to plan your day.

The TimeTable is presented in the Job Management on the Dashboard Video

From an Urgent Activity, ToDo or Recent Activity List

From any of the lists on the lower right of the Dashboard, you can open the related information form.  For example, in the Unpaid Jobs list, just click on any of the jobs in the list to open that job's edit form.

You can do the same for any of the other lists.  For example, open the 'Pending Quotes' list and click on any of the Quote summaries to open that quote's edit form.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Are there resources to help me learn to use the WorkWell Command Center and Mobile App?

Built-in Help Resources

The Workwell Command Center has several built-in tools to help you to learn to become proficient and to answer any questions that might arise.

View the following Video Tutorial:  Help Resources

Help is available in several ways:

  • Per Page Tour
  • Question & Answer Tool
  • Video Tutorials
  • FAQs
  • Blogs
  • Visit the WorkWell website
  • Email requests

The Tour

Each of the main pages of the Command Center provides a tour to acquaint you with the main features of that page.  To activate a Tour, click on the 'EyeGlasses' icon near the top of the page.  For example, on the Scheduler page, this icon is in the upper right as shown.

Start a Tour - On the Scheduler

The tour will begin - a popup appears pointing to a feature of on the Scheduler page and provides a brief overview.  In the example shown, it describes how to highlight the events on the Schedule according to a variety of criteria.  You advance through the tour by clicking the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons on the Tour popup.  Click the 'Exit' button to end the Tour.  

A Step from the Scheduler Tour

There is also a Tour that is common to every page.  This Tour describes how to get around the Command Center.  To activate this Tour, click on the 'Tour' icon in the upper right.
Command Center - Navigation Bar Buttons
Command Center - Navigation Bar Buttons
The picture below shows a step in this Tour.  Here, the Tour popup points to a calendar icon and describes that it activates the Scheduler page and what you can do with it.  If you click 'Next', it will move to the Customer icon and describe how to go to the Customer page and describe what you will find.

Tour Popup Example

Q & A Tool

Click the 'QuickLinks' tab at the top to show a collection of links for Tips, Suggestions, and commonly used features.

Quick Links - Tips and Links to Common Features


Many video tutorials are available.  Go to the Video page by selecting 'Video Tutorials' from the 'Admin' pull-down menu in the navigation bar at the top.  This will bring you to the video selection page.  Videos are organized into topics (playlists).

Video Dashboard

Below we see the Video playlist for Scheduling.  There are 4 videos about this topic.

Playlist for Videos about Scheduling

Click on the video you want to watch.  The selected video will appear like shown below.

Video Player


To access the Frequently Asked Questions page, visit www.workwellsoftware.com/faqs on the WorkWell website.


To access the WorkWell Blog, visit www.workwellsoftware.com/blog on the WorkWell website.

WorkWell Website

The pages for Dashboard, Scheduling, Job Management, Customer Management, Route Planning, Quote Management, Charts offer a lot of content that can help you to better understand how the Command Center operates.

Email Requests

Finally, if you do not find an acceptable answer to your question from any of the built-in resources, you can always email your question to WorkWell.  

Email your question to workwellsoftware@gmail.com.  You will generally receive a response within a day, if not almost immediately.  We will call you if you wish.